Dryer Vent Safety And Other Home Security Matters

According to federal authority (U.S. Consumer Product safety Commission), thousands of home fires begin each year due to clothes dryers. The leading cause of these fires is a clogged dryer vent.  Injury, death and property damage can be avoided by regularly scheduling dryer vent cleaning service.

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Home fires caused by dryer vents which are dirty with lint and other flammable materials are not the only concerns for homeowners.

Home security is a major concern today.  Consider taking the following steps to enjoy a safe and secure home:

If you are planning to be away for a while then stop your paper delivery and put your mail on hold until you return. Newspapers piled up in your driveway or mail spilling out of your mailbox is a red flag that no one is home, and this leaves you vulnerable to thieves.

The company you choose to purchase and install your home security system is important. You want to make sure the company has the most reliable system and knows what they are doing when it comes to installation. To find a good company, ask friends and families or look for online reviews

Cut the bushes around your home. If someone is interested in breaking in, the first thing they are going to do is look for a place where they can hide as they try to find their way inside. If you want your yard to look aesthetically beautiful, plant flowers instead.

Protect your valuables. Some common ways to do this are by storing them inside a safe-deposit box or storing them in a heavy home safe that's nearly impossible to move. Make sure the safe is fireproof. You can use a chiseled-out space in the very top of your door for smaller valuables. You can even create a hiding place in an acoustical ceiling by removing a tile and restoring it with something like magnetic fasteners. Make sure to avoid leaving fingerprints with this method.

If you just purchased a home and it has an old security system, you should probably replace it. You do not how long the security system has been there or what faults it may have. Plus, newer systems have better technology, meaning your home will be better protected from intruders.

When it comes to making your home more secure, one obvious place to start is at your front door. If you do not currently have a high-quality lockset on your door, get one installed now. If your lockset does not include a deadbolt, they are inexpensive and an effective way to add security to your exterior doors.

These easy ways to secure your home are now at your service for your own home. Protecting your loved ones will be a piece of cake once you get them all in place. Just take the time to get the work done so that your home becomes the protective place you want for your family.